Spiros Rizopoulos

President & CEO

Spiros Rizopoulos is the founder and owner of Spin Communications. He is a Strategic Planning & Communications Consultant. Since April 2001 he has been operating in Southeast Europe, offering services to firms, political figures and non-governmental organizations. His services focus on the strategic planning of the communication needs of customers, such as the strategic ‘image’ creation, the strategic relationship with the social media, crisis management, promotion of company ‘image’, strategic communication of campaigns, and the strategic relationship between company and investor.

Before his debut in the professional sphere of Greece, Spiros Rizopoulos worked as the President of Strategic Planning and Communication in the Western Policy Center, Washington DC (1997-2001), and as a Communications Consultant in Lazarus Strategic Services, a company with communication services, also in Washington (1994-1997).

He holds a Master’s Degree on Corporate and Political Communication from George Washington University, and another Master’s Degree on International Relations from Northeastern University, Illinois. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree on Political Science from Northeastern University.

In his 20 years experience on services provision on strategic communication matters, there have been multiple interviews on highly recognized Greek newspapers and prints, such as Kathimerini, Eleftherotypia, Vima, Isotimia, Express, Oikonomikos Taxidromos, and Status, while his presence is also intense in the Greek and American Social Media, such as CNN, NY Times, Christian Science Monitor, TIME, Ant1, Alfa, Alter, Net station and the radio channel of Flas. Furthermore, he has been continuously presenting on multiple Universities and Institutes in Greece and abroad, such as the Northeastern University, City University London, Indianapolis University ( Athens), the Greek School of National Defense, and the Universities of Athens and Ioannina.

In 2012, he created the online opinionated blog, rizopoulospost.com. Today, RizopoulosPost is the No1 opinionated and politically influencing blog in Greece, according to the qualitative and quantitative data given by Alexa and Google Analytics.