Who we are

Spin Communications was established in 2003 and is regarded as one of the most modern, innovative and efficient companies in the field of communications and public relations. It offers fully organized Political and Corporate Communication departments that provide integrated services to individuals, as well as to organizations seeking for effective and targeted communication with their audiences.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Spin Communications is based on a clear position: daily "customer-centric" services, with immediacy, availability and flexibility in response, all of which are aiming at building lasting collaborations based on the maximization of the communication result. This is why Spin Communications has been recognized as a valuable strategic partner by all its clients and partners.


Confidentiality is a corporate principle that derives from the often "sensitive" nature of the company's partnerships. Successful crisis management along with management of specific issues of political and / or economical interest, are indicative of Spin Communications’ partnerships.

Spiros Rizopoulos
President & CEO
The effective strategy must be spontaneous, but not random. That’s what makes the difference!
Zaharias Loudaros
Vice President
There is nothing outside the text. Derrida said it as well.
Omiros Tsapalos
General Manager
With our ideas we create added value to communications.
Alexandros Tinginagkas
Digital Manager & SEO Expert
Technology: If you use it right, you know you will succeed.
Andreas Tsekouras
Web & New Technologies Developer
Regardless of the complexity of a problem, the solution lies in the way you think.
Naya Nousa
Account Manager
We build roads, where others see dead ends.